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A Warm Cabobob Welcome!

"He tries to think, but nothing happens."

Welcome to Cabobob's!

I don't know why you are here. Maybe you don't know, either. I don't even know why I'm here. So, that's cool.

Cabobob is not a real person, except in your mind and on the Internet. In the electronic online world and in your mental world, he's as real as anything. And that's no small thing. In some circles, the Internet is a pretty big deal. And your mind, of course, is bigger than anything else.

There is no Cabobob in the real world, so it would be impossible to say what he really looks like. You couldn't take his picture even if you wanted to. But, he might look something like this, if you could take his picture, and if you still wanted to, after you saw him.

Cabobob is the creation of a desperate mind. That might not be obvious right away, so I will mention it now, although you would have found out soon enough if you read the rest of this story. Desperation, like necessity, is a mother of invention.

If Cabobob could talk, there are a few things he might want to say. So, I will pretend for the moment that I am Cabobob, and try to speak for him. Sometimes it's hard to tell us apart.

First, I would welcome you to my little domain on the Internet. I would invite you to sit and visit. Take a load off your feet. Kick your shoes off. Make yourself comfortable. Let me fix you a drink.

Pull up a chair! There's plenty of cold Corona in the fridge. Negra Modelo, Oso Negro, José Cuervo, Damiana, or Bacardi and Coke. Margaritas. An ice cold glass of water. Anything you want. I'll whip up some guacamole and chips, and slice some limon, fresh from the lime tree. Smells great. Iced tea, fruit juice, lemonade. Make yourself at home, and I'll tell you the story.

Cabobob has been around for a long, long time. He was raised by a fine family in Oregon. His mother kept him clean and well-fed. His father kept telling him he didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, or have the sense to pour piss out of a boot. Thus prepared, he graduated from Harvard. At least, I think it was Harvard. Whatever. He appeared destined for fame and fortune, but lost his fortune in a game of chance, and was forced to leave the country under less than pleasant circumstances.

He escaped to Mexico with nothing but his life, his wife, and his computer. Living in poverty and reduced to spending most of his time in online chat rooms, he quickly learned that ten-year-old computer geeks already had all the good nicknames. That's how he ended up with "Cabobob".

San José del Cabo, in the heart of Los Cabos, is now Cabobob's home. He lives in a small condo near the beach with his wife, Tortilla, who does her best to protect him from the marauding Cabo thong babes who are forever chasing after him.

The Los Cabos thong babes are relentless, swarming like bees, flashing those perfect tummies and thighs, tanned and cute, little smiles and winks, practically naked in those tiny bikinis, all buttered up with their butts out,'s just disgusting. But, they can't help it. Cabobob would only like to be more helpful. Too bad, Tortilla has other ideas. It's a hard life for everybody.

A few years ago, Cabobob started up this website in a brave attempt to salvage some small part of his wasted and hopeless life from the despair of living in the constant torment of his own private hell. It was summertime, and too hot to go to the beach. Tortilla wouldn't let the bikini babes into the condo, and Cabobob had nothing else to do, so here you have it:  Cabobob's Los Cabos!

Nobody pays me a damn dime to do any of this! In fact, it costs me money. That's because I haven't figured out how to get anybody to pay me for it. The Corona people don't even pay me a damn peso for plugging their beer. They don't even give me free beer. Hell, the beer store even raised its prices again last week!

This is NOT a commercial site. Cabobob does not endorse commercial products or services, unless otherwise noted. Commercial sites have been included here only when they might contain some useful information along with their ads. Or when they've paid Cabobob some cash. But he will never knowingly sell ads to crooks, which is just one of the reasons why he will never get rich.

On the other hand, Cabobob does have a few friends you can trust if you are thinking of renting a condo or buying real estate in Los Cabos. If you would like a referral, send an email and tell him what you need. Maybe he can help.

Although Cabobob exists only in your mind and on the Internet, he does have expenses in the ordinary world, just like everybody else. If you would like to send some cash to help out, or to aid Cabobob's work for World Peace, send me an email, and I'll tell you where to send the check.

If you want recognition for your contribution, Cabobob will say nice things about you on this website. He might even sell you some advertising. He might even sell you this website. I might even sell you Cabobob himself, but that would take quite a lot of money. Send me an email, make me an offer.

Cabobob picks only the best. He selected the links on these pages from hundreds and hundreds of Los Cabos websites. His aim is to fill his pages with original content, but until he does he will continue to try to provide the best links he can find to guide you to other sites that might be useful or interesting. You can't see it all in one trip, so be sure to mark Cabobob's Los Cabos for future visits.

Los Cabos Photo Tours is the Web's finest Los Cabos picture gallery, and it's growing all the time. Cabobob's Weather and Hurricane pages are the choice of visitors and locals alike. Lost in Los Cabos is the absolute best Los Cabos information and links on the Web, and you won't find another Baja travelogue (or map!) that can touch The Baja Highway!

Cabobob's Los Cabos Forum was the FIRST place on the Web devoted to the FREE exchange of information about Los Cabos. Now it's a fancy new message board, but you can check out hundreds of archived entries all the way back to July, 1997! It's a great place to get your questions answered, share your knowledge, blow off steam, crack a joke or see what other people have to say about Los Cabos and Cabobob's.

Cabobob's Condo is the place to visit if you want to keep up with the latest improbable adventures in the lives of Tortilla and Cabobob. You won't find much there yet. Maybe you never will. But it will be cool, if you ever do!

Cabobob's Mailbox is a mundane but useful feature. If you have comments, questions or information for Cabobob's eyes only, send him an email. He tries to answer all his mail, and will do so as long as he can handle the volume. You can pretty much figure he'll answer in less than a month, unless he gets more than one email that month.

There's more to come! Cabobob is working on lots of projects to improve this site. Bikini babes. Hunks. Tortilla likes the hunks. News and features. A new collection of original Los Cabos maps. Stories. Poetry. Fine art. Philosophy and religion. More and better photos. Of bikini babes. And hunks. Lots of Los Cabos thong babes, and bronzed hunks in Speedos. More good stuff!

This is the Best Damn Los Cabos Site on the World Wide Web! And, if it isn't, it will be soon enough. So, check it out, enjoy, leave some tracks in the Guest Book, and come back soon!


Your friend in Los Cabos,

- Cabobob

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